Rocking Mindsets

‘Pursue your passion’ is an exhortation we hear frequently. For me that’s excitement about creativity and innovation (business and artistic) and also music.

I’m lucky enough to have found an outlet for these passions in my speaking and consultancy work, preventing me from driving away family and friends with my obsessions! The best format I’ve found at recent corporate events is to combine the two in a 90-minute, highly immersive presentation.

I kick off with the topic of Changing Mindsets – why it’s hard, and what to do about it. And also why it’s so vital to survival and success in the emerging digital world, where all bets are off about how the future will – and already is – transforming the world of work.

I then segue into a session called Rock Your Presentation, bringing to life in a fun and inspiring experience the essential tools needed to communicate in a time when we are all mildly ADHD. It uses either live or pre-recorded music to underscore the main points.

A vital topic, but delivered in a fun, exciting and memorable way, channelling the spirit of making an organisation really ‘rock.’ (It seems to work whether you’re a music fan or not.)

I’ve delivered this combo from Zurich to Philadelphia: one kind client said it was a positive ‘showstopper’ at their event. ‘After all’, he added, ‘we all have to think and to present or pitch our ideas, so why not learn in a totally engaging and inspiring way.’

I’m flattered, because all I’ve been doing is inflicting some of my own passions on business audiences!

Let me know if we can work together to make your next event really rock!