What can Nigel do for you?

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'What do you do?' is supposedly the question the Queen of England asks when new people are presented to her. But it's not as easy as it seems to answer. For years I have been saying that my work is 'applying innovation to you and your business,' thinking I was being crystal clear. Here's my attempt to clarify it further.

I believe there's always:

  • A different and better solution, but

  • Our Mindset opens or closes us to fresh possibilities, yet

  • There are strategies and methods which enable greater curiosity, creativity and innovation, and

  • These can be learned!

Breakthrough ideas are conveyed through my keynote presentations, project team facilitation or companywide transformation projects. The core of my work is similar, but the changes are the angles and the challenges it's applied to. These range from very commercial and operational goals - like making or saving money - to shifts in mindset or culture.

Here is a top ten of real examples from my recent work. Different angles, applications and industry sectors.

Innovation Theme

Applied to . . .

Industry Sector


Garage Innovation

Breakthrough Project Teams


A huge boost.’

Change The Box!

Role Transformation

Luxury Goods

Memorable and precious experience.’

A Possibility Mindset

Opportunities for Millennials

Business School

The highlight – amazing.’

Creating A Customer Legend

Differentiating with Customers


Delivered great inspiration – a new mindset.’

Rethink: Practical Innovation

Senior Leadership Development


Fantastic ideas!’

Changing Perceptions

Shifting Perceptions of Industry


Engaging, exciting, and informative.’

Invent The Future

Developing Inspiring Visions


Amazing and impactful.’

Rock Your Presentations

Launching Global Strategy

Law Firm

We couldn’t have done it without you.’

A Quantum Leap

Stepping Up Performance


Glowing, positive comments.’

Innovation Is Everybody’s Business

Cultural Change


You rekindled passion within our team.’

If you want more information, just let me know the innovation theme you might be interested in – or we can invent a new one!

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