Re-Think: How to Think Differently

Re-Think: How to think differently is Nigel Barlow's book on everyday creativity that can be applied equally to personal or business life, to find a better or different answer to familiar problems. It is accompanied by conference presentations and creative team sessions. Re-Think is an ongoing project. We are collecting examples of great re-thinks, famous, or not so famous, so please email with your ideas, experiences, and comments on the book.

In Keynotes and workshops the themes based on Rethink are:

  • The Innovation imperative
  • How minds become set - and what to do about it
  • Being a ‘player’ - and not one of the walking dead, spectators or cynics - In your own life and business
  • Developing true 'beginner's mind'
  • Overcoming job blindness
  • Creating a Culture of Curiosity
  • Thinking possibility - Why not? What if?
  • Methodologies for inspired thinking 
  • Why innovation is everybody's business
  • Practical applications to your pressing challenges

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